Effortlessly generate your crypto tax report

We do the heavy lifting to calculate your cryptocurrency taxes to save you time and maximise your tax refund.

*Currently only available to South African tax residents

How we simplify your taxes

Not a Revix customer? No problem.
We make it easy to sync all of your transactions across wallets, blockchains and platforms.

Follow these steps to get ahead of the tax season.

Step 1

Fill in a tax info form

Fill in form →

Step 2

We crunch the numbers

We’ll review your entire crypto transaction history. This usually takes about a day.

Step 3

Approve tax quote

You won’t pay anything upfront. Our tax partner will first send you a quote to finalise your tax report.

Why should I care about my crypto taxes?

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” - Benjamin Franklin

A critical, but easily overlooked part of our crypto investing activities, are the tax implications. Tax authorities around the world are becoming increasingly aware of non-compliant crypto investors.

Frequently asked questions

Are my details shared with SARS?

No, your details are not shared with the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Revix will share the details that you provide with our tax partner who will help you calculate the taxes on your crypto investments.

From there, you can confidently take care of your crypto taxes yourself using the Crypto Tax Pack that is provided.

Once I send a request form, am I bound by it?

Once you have requested a quote to calculate your taxes, you can decide on whether or not you want to continue, no strings attached!

Can I use this service with investments on other wallets and/or exchanges?

Yes! You’ll have to gather the necessary statements of your transactions on other platforms and exchanges before we can provide you with a tax quote. It is important that you provide a complete set of statements for the tax period required - we can only provide accurate tax packs if we receive accurate information.

Assuming your assets are on your Revix account only, this process will be completely handled by us.

Who is Revix’s tax partner?

Revix has partnered with Crypto Tax Consulting to bring you Revix Tax.

Crypto Tax Consulting is a global company made up of  admitted attorneys, chartered accountants and compliance experts and is at the forefront of all matters related to tax and tax compliance.

What happens after I have received a quote for my Crypto Tax Pack?

Once you receive a quote to create your crypto tax pack, you can decide to continue or to decline the quote received.

To continue, you’ll need to process a payment for quoted amount. From there, we’ll crunch the numbers to prepare your Crypto tax pack.

What does this service cost?

The cost of this service is dependent on the complexity of your investing activities and starts at R1 250 for a completed tax pack.